About us - A small team in Victoria and Vancouver with a big impact.

Ruboss is a team with combines decades of experience in management with the fresh perspective of recent Computer Science and Software Engineering graduates. We are a small team with a big impact, and we are proud of the work we do.

Ruboss was founded by Peter Armstrong in 2008, and Ruboss launched Leanpub in 2010. We bootstrapped Leanpub to profitability by doing consulting work, and we have never taken any outside investment.

Along the way, we discovered that we loved building products, and that we loved working with authors. Surprisingly, we also discovered that we loved working with consulting clients.

So, we’re doing all three!

We’ve also recently expanded our team. Since 2020, we’ve hired over 20 coop students from UVic and UBC, employing up to six at a time. This process resulted in today’s Ruboss, which has a strong core team of full-time employees in Victoria and Vancouver.

Ruboss is different than the typical consulting agency, since everyone at Ruboss also works on Leanpub. So, we attract more mission-driven developers than a typical agency does, as we have a shared commitment to Leanpub’s mission of empowering authors. In both our consulting and our Leanpub work, we are committed to continuous improvement and learning, and to doing things the right way for the long term.

Years in business
of happy Leanpub authors
in royalties paid to Leanpub authors
Over $13M USD


  • Peter Armstrong

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Len Epp


Ruboss’s Founder and CEO is Peter Armstrong. He has over two decades of experience in software, including eight years as a developer at Silicon Valley startups. He founded Ruboss in 2008, and launched Leanpub in 2010.

Peter coined the term Lean Publishing. Lean Publishing is the act of publishing an in-progress book using lightweight tools and many iterations to get reader feedback, pivot until you have the right book and build traction once you do.

Peter is the creator of Markua, the Markdown dialect used on Leanpub. He is the author of a number of books, including Lean Publishing, The Markua Manual and Programming for Kids. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Victoria, and he and his wife live in Victoria, BC.

Len Epp is a former investment banker with a doctorate in English Literature from the University of Oxford.

He joined Ruboss in 2012 and led customer development on Leanpub for three years before becoming a co-founder. Len is the former co-founder of a nonprofit in the arts sector.

Besides leading Leanpub’s customer development efforts, Len also hosts our Frontmatter author podcast.

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