Ruboss Technology Corporation: The Flexible Rich Internet Applications Company.

Ruboss is based in the Vancouver, BC area. It is a boutique (4-developer) consultancy focusing on web and rich internet application development.

We do development and consulting using the following technologies:

Our core competency is Adobe Flex, and where we have unique insight is on how to best integrate Adobe Flex with Ruby on Rails. We do this using the fantastic RestfulX framework (formerly known as the Ruboss Framework).

We do custom Flex and Rails software development. If you would like to work with us, please email Peter at We typically work in an agile fashion, with 1-2 week sprints with the maximum number of hours per sprint and the focus of the sprint specified in the sprint kickoff meeting. We don't do fixed-price contracts. (However, you can view the way we do sprints as a bunch of miniature fixed-price contracts. This way, you lower your risk and we lower ours, and we get to spend less time haggling about contract terms and more time building great software.)

Ruboss is currently not accepting new clients. If you want to know when this changes, please email Peter at

Founder Blogs

Ruboss's founders are Peter Armstrong and Scott Patten; read our blogs. You can also follow Peter and Scott on Twitter.


Ruboss built Leanpub to solve many of the problems encountered by Peter and Scott when they wrote and published their books. If you're an author looking to self-publish a book (especially a non-fiction technical book), Leanpub may be a good fit for you. Besides being a good fit for us (Scott is selling his book on Leanpub), it's a good fit for authors such as Eric Ries from the Startup Lessons Learned blog and Nivi from the Venture Hacks blog.

Founder Books

Besides liking technology and books so much that we created an ebook startup, we also wrote a few books too. Scott wrote The S3 Cookbook about Amazon's Simple Storage Service; Peter wrote Flexible Rails about how to use Adobe Flex and Ruby on Rails together and Hello! Flex 4 as an introduction to Adobe Flex 4.