Ruboss Technology Corporation

Ruboss is a Canadian company with offices in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. We are a boutique (12 person) consultancy focusing on web and mobile application development. For web applications, we use React for rich, dynamic applications and Ruby on Rails for more traditional web applications. For mobile applications, we build native apps on iOS and Android platforms.

We do both web and mobile application development since in 2014 almost every new product needs to have a strong web and mobile presence. That said, our core competency is React. We have built one of the larger, more complex React applications in existence: Dashcube.

If you would like to work with us, please email Peter Armstrong at or Scott Patten at You can also follow Peter and Scott on Twitter.


Ruboss recently built Dashcube, which is one of the most complex React applications in existence not built by Facebook. Dashcube is a lightweight enterprise collaboration tool that helps teams collaborate in context. It has been described as "the love child of Trello and Slack or Basecamp and HipChat" by David Coleman of CMSWire.


Ruboss built Leanpub to solve many of the problems encountered by Peter and Scott when they wrote and published their books. If you're an author looking to self-publish a book (especially a non-fiction technical book), Leanpub may be a good fit for you. Besides being a good fit for us (Scott has written one Leanpub book, and Peter has written two), one look at the Leanpub bestseller list shows it's a good fit for many programming book authors.

Founder Books

Besides liking technology and books so much that we created an ebook startup, we also wrote a few books too. Scott wrote The S3 Cookbook about Amazon's Simple Storage Service. Peter wrote Flexible Rails about how to use Adobe Flex and Ruby on Rails together, Hello! Flex 4 as an introduction to Adobe Flex 4, Lean Publishing to explain the philosophy behind Leanpub and Programming for Kids to teach his son how to write computer programs.